Digimon Adventure: - Season 1

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The new anime will take place in 2020 and will feature an all-new story centering on Taichi Yagami when he is in his fifth year in elementary school. His partner is Agumon. The story begins in Tokyo when a large-scale network malfunction occurs. Taichi is preparing for his weekend summer camping trip when the incident happens. Taichi's mother and his younger sister Hikari get stuck on a train that won't stop moving, and Taichi heads to Shibuya in order to help them. However, on his way there, he encounters a strange phenomenon and sweeps him up into the Digital World along with the other DigiDestined.

Title:Digimon Adventure: - Season 1
First Air Date:2020-04-05
Last Air Date:2021-02-28
Number of Episodes:42
Number of Seasons:1
Genres:Animation , Sci-Fi & Fantasy , Action & Adventure
Networks:Fuji TV
Casts:YĆ«ko Sanpei , Chika Sakamoto , Daisuke Namikawa , Ryoko Shiraishi , Yumiko Kobayashi , Marika Kouno , Takeshi Kusao , Misaki Watada , Mayumi Yamaguchi , Atori Shigematsu , Takahiro Sakurai , Kinoko Yamada , Junko Takeuchi , Mie Sonozaki , Masako Nozawa , Miwa Matsumoto
Alternative Titles:Digimon Adventure: - Season 1

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